Comprehensive Eye Care

If you'd ask most people what sense they value the most, the general consensus is their vision. Your eyes are the gateway to the world and life with diminished vision is unbearable for many. The best way to ensure that your vision stays in proper shape is to make regular visits to your local ophthalmologist. Of course, not all ophthalmologists are alike. You want to make sure the ones you seek treatment from are the best at what they do. With an over 70-year long tradition of top quality care, the Santa Monica Eye Medical Group employs some of the top board-certified ophthalmologists and surgeons in the field who specialize in treating a wide range of eye conditions with expert precision and care.

If your eye examination reveals a medical condition, we will be with you every step of the way to treat and manage the condition. We see all different age groups and all of the various eye conditions. We examine a wide variety of patients ranging from just a healthy eye exam to glasses or contact lenses to more complex eye conditions and problems. At Santa Monica Eye Medical Group we employ the latest techniques and technologies, combined with old world service and compassion, to give you the best care found anywhere in the world. Our team of specialists is experienced in every facet of eye care so that whatever the eye condition, we will see you through it.

Eye Examinations

Our highly esteemed doctors conduct thorough eye examinations using the latest equipment and techniques. They bring years of experience and training to every exam, knowing that an eye exam not only determines the health of your eyes, it is a look into your overall state of being. In fact, many eye conditions signify other medical issues that might otherwise go undetected. Experts at diagnosis and treatment, the doctors of Santa Monica Eye Medical Group are dedicated to giving every patient the time, attention and care we all deserve.

Ocular Motility Assessment

Ocular Motility Assessment tests eye muscle movement. The patient is asked to keep his or her head completely still and focus on an object, such as a pen, while the doctor moves the object in an "H" pattern about 12 inches from the patient's face. This allows the doctor to check for any restrictions or abnormal movements of the eyes that could signify a medical condition or trauma. Ocular motility assessment can also help determine the cause of double vision.

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