This is a type of condition that will cause brownish gray to brown discoloration patches to show up on the bridge of your nose, cheeks, as well as forehead. This condition does not cause any type of itching, discomfort or pain but many of those who happen to have it do not like the way it looks, especially because it located on the face.

What are the causes of Melasma?

Truth be told, the true cause of melasma has not even been discovered. However, it was noticed that those who had darker skin such as those who are descendants of people with Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian, North African, Hispanic, Latin, or African American heritage. There are also some hereditary links. So, those who happen to have a family member who has melasma will have a much higher risk of getting this skin condition as well.

There are some triggers that have been identified for melasma, which is hormonal changes, certain cosmetics, and even sun exposure. The UV light will begin to stimulate the melanocytes which are the main cause for the discoloration on the face. Hormones are also another very common trigger especially for those who are pregnant.

How do you treat a condition like Melasma?

The one thing that many doctors will use in order to treat this specific skin condition is the usage of PicoSure laser treatments. These are used to treat many different types of pigmentation disorders in all types of skin. Another great thing about this particular treatment is that it does not take as many treatments in order to start seeing results and it even helps to reduce any type of scarring that may happen, and it is much gentler on the skin.

The average treatment using PicoSure will only take 30 minutes or even less than that, but if it happens to be a large area that is going to need to be treated, then the session can be around 2 hours long. The one thing that a person should know about this particular treatment is that whatever instructions that the doctor gives you for aftercare will need to be followed to help you stay comfortable after the treatment. Sleeping with an extra pillow under your head for extra elevation can help to reduce any type of swelling that may happen with the treatment as well as using ice.

Another thing that a person will need to be aware of is that the area that has been treated will need to keep that area very clean and ointments need to be applied such as using petroleum jelly in order to moisturize the skin and help to promote quicker healing. You will have to avoid the sun and a sunscreen that is higher than 45 SPF will need to be used before leaving the house. If you are unhappy with the way your skin looks because of the discoloration that comes with melasma, take time and make an appointment with your doctor to have an assessment and receive treatment.

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