Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the long narrow stripes or lines that develop on the skin, usually following a period of quick growth or weight gain that causes the skin to stretch to accommodate the growth instead of growing gradually. There purple or red marks tend to affect women more than men and are a kind of scarring. Stretch marks develop when the skin cannot recover from a period of intense growth, such as during pregnancy, puberty, or rapid weight gain. Some medical conditions like Cushing’s syndrome or Marfan syndrome can cause stretch marks to develop.

How Are Stretch Marks Removed?

The doctors at Santa Monica Eye Medical Group use PicoSure, a laser treatment developed by Cynosure to treat skin discoloration and more. PicoSure is an innovative laser technology that is used to address a variety of skin concerns. The treatment uses picosecond technology to deliver heat energy to the pigment of the skin and surrounding tissue. It is a short pulse width that triggers changes in the skin.

What Happens During PicoSure Treatment?

PicoSure treatment typically takes 20-30 minutes, but if a large area is being treated, the session can take up to 2 hours. PicoSure treatment is painless, but some patients experience a warming sensation. The doctor will provide instructions on how to care for the treated skin after treatment. Often applying ice, cold compresses, and sleeping with an extra pillow for elevation can help to reduce swelling. The patient should be careful to keep the treated area clean and apply an ointment like petroleum jelly to keep the skin moisturized to promote healing. They should avoid the sun and wear broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. If you have stretch marks that you are unhappy about, make an appointment with the doctors at Santa Monica Eye Medical Group to discuss your concerns and if PicoSure is an option for you.

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